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Dental Bridges

At any of our locations, we can fit you with a dental bridge that can help support your teeth. We can help keep your bridge in shape and go over maintenance.

Bridges Are Important

With aid from a dental bridge, your dentist can provide an excellent source of support to neighbouring teeth, thus increasing their ability to withstand more chewing. Without support, teeth can lose their strength and even their alignment, leading to eating problems later in life.

Extra Benefits

Bridges can even help restore normal speech for people who experience a change in they way they talk after losing one or several teeth. By reconstructing the structure of teeth to offer more support, you’ll find that your entire lifestyle may improve!

Maintenance Is Key

At Family Dental Centres, our aim is to provide you with the best possible dental care that stands the test of time. Appropriately scheduled follow-up visits to your dentist coupled with an appropriate hygiene regimen will extend the life of this dental prosthetic.

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