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The need for a dental extraction generally arises when there isn’t an alternative option to salvage an affected tooth. But you don’t need to fear an extraction — our dentists ensure the process is efficient as possible.


For teeth that cannot be saved and teeth that may prove to be problematic in the future, we may recommend tooth extractions or root canals. Our dentists use modern technology, gels, and sedation to eradicate severe decay, gum disease, or trauma that caused infection.

Preventative Measures

Getting rid of an infection through extraction is a good way to avoid losing even more teeth or weakening the facial muscles or jawbone. These types of preventative treatments are strongly encouraged in certain circumstances. If you think you might need a tooth extracted, schedule and appointment at Family Dental Centres.

Talk To Us If....
A tooth extraction may be necessary in the following circumstances: 
  • Certain dental procedures such as dentures call for the removal of a tooth / several teeth
  • Teeth are damaged enough to endanger surrounding teeth
  • Teeth erupt in the fracture line
  • Removal of ‘wisdom teeth’, or third molar teeth
  • A misplaced tooth may affect the growth of healthy teeth 
  • A misplaced or impacted third molar tooth (wisdom tooth)

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