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Our mouthguards protect from trauma such as grinding teeth during sleep or any sports-related impact on the field. We custom-fit each set for your top and bottom teeth to maximize comfort and safety.

Getting Fitted

Get your custom mouthguards fitted by making an appointment at one of our offices. This simple and painless process could save you real damage or pain in the long run, so sleep soundly and play hard with protection from Family Dental Centres.


Family Dental Centres is proud to partner with Under Armor by offering sport mouthguards as well as nightguards for teeth. Our goal is to protect your teeth while you go for your goal. We want your smile to shine through no matter what you do, so if you engage in sporting activities such as hockey or other contact sports, a mouthguard is essential to your success and continued safety and health.


The reduction in trauma from grinding teeth in your sleep not only helps in the short term, but also prevents future pain and long-term damage. Grinding your teeth isn’t just an annoying habit, it’s slowly wearing away your one and only set of pearly whites! Prevent further damage by calling us today.

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